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Joint Tuna RFMO Management Strategy Evaluation Working Group

At the Third Joint Tuna RFMOs meeting it was recognised that Management Strategy Evaluation (MSE) needs to be widely applied in order to implement the Precautionary Approach for tuna fisheries management. Therefore a Joint MSE Technical Working Group was created to work electronically initially.

Following discussions of the Steering Committee of Kobe Process it was agreed that an MSE workshop would be held in late 2016. After consultation with the tRFMOs Executive Secretaries/Directors, an initial list of potentially interested experts was provided by each tRFMOs.

The meeting will be held at the ICCAT Secretariat offices (Madrid, Spain) from November 1st to 3rd 2016, and registration is open to interested parties. Location, Hotels

The agenda of the meeting covers five main themes:

  Development of a dialogue - between managers and scientists;
  Conditioning of operating models - how to develop OM hypotheses, weight and rethem;
  Computational aspect - development and sharing of code, cloud computing and parallel processing;
  Albacore Case Study - to help develop practical examples it is intended to focus on albacore stocks worldwide.
  Dissemination - glossary of terms, bibliography, common databases, shiny apps, publications, etc.;


Theme Leaders and alternates have been appointed

Dialogue Graham Pilling Campbell Davies. Conditioning of Operating Models Mark Maunder, Toshi Kitakado. Computational Aspects Anders Nielsen, Vaughan Pratt. Albacore Case Study Laurence Kell, Iago Mosqueira. Dissemination Ben Mhamed Abdelouahed, Carolina Minte-Vera.

Theme leaders will perform reviews in advance of the workshop via the tRFMO-MSE forum and devise a plans for future work. Updates on progress will be made to keep all interested parties informed and links to ongoing work will be made via the wiki.

The reviews will be presented at the meeting and will form the basis for agreeing future activities and workplans. Anyone who wish to be involved in the interssesional dicussions can contact the theme leaders or contribute to the forum discussions.

Chair Laurence Kell.

ICCAT SECRETARIAT Corazón de María, 8. 28002 Madrid, SPAIN







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